Who Am I?

I’m a storyteller that uses any and all mediums to query the big questions: What is love? Why are we here? How do we find our purpose? I’m writing a novel entitled, We Sold the Babies, that is a dystopian work of afrofuturism flash fiction. Yup, that’s a mouthful and I’ve been working on it for 3 years.

I’m a Mama. My son is the joy and light of my life. Books, articles and word of mouth tips have helped me balance work, life and mamahood and my hope is that some of what I’ve learned may be of use to you, if you’re a mama or mama-to-be too.

I’m bipolar. In the health section of my site, you’ll find my unfinished journey to healing. What saves me is self-care, physical movement for the mind, art therapy and spiritual work. And, of course, entrusting the guidance of a stellar medical team.

If my creative work moves you, or you happen to be a vagabond millionaire that bankrolls starving artists, or if, just because buying my art might brighten both of our days, please do!

If you want to hire me as a freelance writer, researcher, editor or producer, or ask me a good-old fashioned question or two, contact me here or on Instagram anytime.