• Heal(.)th = Heal the Whole Self

I believe in whole heal(.)th. Some people call this holistic wellness. Others call it mind-body-spirit. Whatever words you use, I believe that lifelong wellness asks more of us than physical fitness.

My fight is with my mind and not my body. I fight every day to win back my mind from a mental illness that tries to kill me. I’m lucky to have all my limbs, to be free from chronic illness, to have a genetic disposition to lean body type, to identify with my birth sex, to have been capable of bearing and birthing a child, and all of this means that I have had the privilege of thinking about my mind more often than my body.

The exercises for my mind and spirit have strengthened me the most. The quiet conversation with God and my inner self. My heal(.)th, the reality of it, when I die, the health I have now, is out of my hands. It’s in God’s hands. Here’s the thing some days I don’t believe in God. Faith is a struggle too. And so, cultivating a relationship with God, acceptance of my own mortality and daily gratitude is the spiritual fitness that I will share and recommit myself to whenever my health spirals to new lows.

Healing the self starts with the heart. The trending word for this is self-love. Training for self-love is rare. We don’t get up early on a Saturday morning to do compassion workshops. But we fucking should! We rarely think about the purpose of movement as beneficial to the mind. But we fucking should! My site will offer self-care exercises and self-love tips that workout the heart. My goal is to encourage fitness of the whole self.

The nuances of healing are unknown to us all. Sometimes, what I need is prayer. Other days, I need yoga. In the evening, I dance when no one is around and the music speaks to my hips. Most days, I need hot steam and quiet reflection. Every day, I need affirmations and medication. My days might never look like yours. But, maybe we can learn from each other’s differences.

My stories of heal(.)th are grounded in my experience and I invite individual stories of what health means to you.

  • Self-Love Fitness
  • Compassion-focused inner dialogue
  • Moving for the Mind
  • Spiritual Exercise / Heavy Lifting Prayer
  • Speak YOUR truth
  • Call Bullshit on Health Myths
  • Find your Joy
  • Oh and Make Art. Make a shitload of Art. (I also think you should swear often and loudly and whenever you fucking feel like it.) (*Obvious RealAF Mama Tip* Just maybe not when your kid is around!)

Two Health Myths that are Bulls**t.

  1. Keep it simple and it Will Be Easy.

2. No pain. No Gain. Focus on the End Goal.