5 Tips to Stop Rumination

1. Develop a personal mantra.

“Accept the good” is mine. “Faith over fear” is my backup. The simpler the mantra the better — but it has to resonate with your heart and slow your thoughts.

2. Choose a grounding song.

Mine is “Beautiful Boy,” by Supa Good D Smoke. The track connects me to motherhood and the power of activism. Pick a song that connects you to what matters most and that teaches you something new each listen.

3. Identify and count the items in the room that are your favorite color.

This a Dialectical Behavior Therapeutic tip that engages the senses to help you come back to the present. I love this one! I use red. Once you’ve identified the items, stay present by counting them backwards and forwards.

4. Read the palm of a loved one’s hand.

If touch is soothing for you, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Look at your loved one’s hand. No need to fortune tell; try reading any scars and skin color changes for the stories of their past. Ask them what they see. Ask yourself what you see. Count the creases. Count the spaces between your fingers and theirs. What do you feel? Close your eyes. Don’t speak. Let your joined palms do the talking.

5. Write your favorite word. Once. Again. Then again. Then again.

This is my favorite grounding technique because I love words. Drawing can feel daunting or invite our inner critic. Put that aside. Start with a blank paper and one word and see what happens. It may be tempting to cloud map other words. Slo down the process by paying attention to the letters and the feel of the movement of your pencil on the page. You may surprise yourself by what you create with only one word. I did!

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